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AIP Sweet and Savory Breakfast Sausage
This recipe inspiration came out of necessity. All the pre-made sausages I have found in the grocery store have "seasonings" in them and although I'm not quite sure what all that entails, I would bet money that there is something in there that is not AIP compliant. Like the...
Maple Sage Pork Patties
These Maple Sage Pork Patties are just the thing you want to serve along side some scrambled eggs and a some berries for a perfect weekend breakfast. I adore the fresh sage and maple syrup along with the pork, it is such a great combination of flavors. The maple...
Sweet Potato and Broccoli Breakfast Bake
If you can't tell, I love baked egg dishes. I like the convenience of having breakfast already made for a few days, and I know that I'm making a healthy choice. Also, by making this, my husband has something to eat in the morning. He is more than able...

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